Do I open Instagram or Snapchat first?

Do I use Seamless or DoorDash?

Do I swipe right or left on Tinder one more time?

Do I do my job or scroll through twitter all day long hoping bitcoin has gone back up?

Choice fatigue is real. In this day and age it’s taken over your life and you don’t even know it. The internet has given us endless possibilities but sometimes we don’t want or need endless possibilities.

Take Sam Hinkie. He wears the same suit everyday to eliminate decision fatigue.

Why am I writing this you ask? Because this is one of the many reasons we made Anyday Rosé.

You need:

  • A beverage that taste good
  • A beverage that is low on calories & sugar

We provide both. Everyone else in the beverage industry actually hurts themselves by offering 5000 different choices. We have one SKU at the moment and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. We want to provide you with the best ingredients at the best possible price (with free shipping) so you can go back to worrying about if you really do need that new shower curtain on Amazon. Get your rosé cider today.

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