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Gluten Free Gang



We've all done it. Hell, we've all done it a million times. You hear "I'm gluten free" and you immediately roll your eyes then decide you never want to talk to that person ever again in your life. You banish them from your reality.

Because of these annoying people, the ones who introduce themselves as gluten free before they introduce themselves using their name, we've all come to recognize the phrase as a pejorative. That's silly! You know what's gluten free? The best things in the world. Steak, chicken, burgers, potatoes, vodka, Skittles, Reese's Pieces, and on and on I could go.
You know what else is gluten free? Anyday Rosé. You don't have to scream it from the mountain tops like all the insufferable folks, but you can sip on your delicious beverage with the full knowledge that if you've got a wheat allergy you're not going to be tying your stomach in knots. You can have it at your party and when the cute girl with Celiac asks if it's gluten free you can confidently say, "It sure is," and show her that you are sensitive to her plight and easily break that ice. 
Tons of the best foods and drinks are gluten free, just like Anyday Rosé is, and it's time to stop assuming that something is bad just because we associate it with annoying people. Crack a cold rosé cider today and start the healing process.