2 weeks in. What the hell are we doing everyday. Since we have no money and I am the only person working on this full time here has is a rundown of our first two weeks.

  • I said I would do this content everyday. I wish I could but I just can’t at the moment. To much shit to do. Once we are in a good place I will open up the slack channel and people can back read everything we did to grow the business. If we fail or succeed I want to show everyone why so they can learn from my mistakes. 
  • I gamble on soccer and don’t go to the gym. That has been fun.
  • Sales are good. A lot of fuck ups with shipping though. Did not realize how hard it is to ship this type of product all over the country and not get a can dented. Need to fix how we do the packaging and get an east coast shipping center ASAP. If you know of a good one let me know.
  • People really like the product. It’s good. I think it’s the best out there for the sheer fact it is so much healthier for you than every other Rosé Cider. I am not a health freak at all but hangovers fucking kill me as I am getting older.
  • Right now it’s just staying focused on sales. Everyone wants a meeting. Everyone wants to feed me bullshit but if I learned one thing in life it’s just to focus on sales. If we are not doing things that will directly impact sales we stop it right away.
  • Trying to focus on building out marketing infrastructure. The pipes and the process to scale are the most important part to a new brand IMO. You can get one huge sale day from a PR push but we try to focus on more how can we have steady growth week over week instead of one false hope day.
  • Getting an actual PM roadmap for development and sticking to it is damn near impossible in the beginning. We want 1000 things fixed/tinkered with everyday. Got to prioritize this type of stuff.
  • Looking for someone to help us source products to put into the box. We got a crazy idea for the can we want to do. Been harder to find someone than I thought.
  • As facebook ads get more expensive we are trying to figure out how we can bundle together other platform buys to reach the same engagement and scale. You cannot overspend on marketing then hope that customers will come back on a LTV model. It's a bad strategy for any new business. 

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