Do you know what people with enough self discipline to be vegan or gluten free have in common? They all still consume sugar. Sugar is the one weakness of everyone who eats. It’s the fat-inducing battering ram that destroys the dietary defenses of virtually everyone in the world, and the reason is simple: sugar makes everything better. Well, almost everything.

Sugar in booze SUCKS. It tastes like crap, it makes your teeth and gums feel like it’s hailing in your mouth, and worst of all you get debilitating headaches and hangovers. Yet for some reason, sugar is everywhere at the liquor store. 7 out of 7 dentists weep anytime you buy a standard hard cider, adult lemonade, spiked iced tea, or alcohol-infused root beer and sodas.  It’s even in places you wouldn’t expect - certain popular lunar themed wheat beers hold around 14(!) grams of the stuff.

Not Anyday Rosé.  Let me ask you. Would you be impressed if Anyday, the premium canned rosé, had 50% less then the options listed above? What about half that, 25%? Enticing no? Well 25% wasn’t good enough either. You deserve better then that. Anyday Rosé blows them all out of the water with one singular gram of sugar. Here’s some easy math. Drink 3 cans of Anyday, and you're sitting at 3 grams of sugar. That is still less than 25% of the sugar in one single wheat based, blue celestial object beer. Not to mention, our drink is complete in the can. No extra orange slice needed.

Summer is upon us ladies and gentlemen. The sun is out, and we are drinking in cooling bodies of water. You know the downside of summer drinks are the way that sugar gives you dry mouth and headaches, making those marches to the bar at night miserable. Don’t let history repeat itself and learn from your mistakes. Shop Anyday Rosé and enjoy the sweet taste of a real California rosé cider. Your waistline will thank you later.

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