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The Michael Jordan of rosé ciders

Alcohol is bad for you.

It's poison.

You'll get a beer gut if you keep drinking.

As a person who enjoys a good drink and a better party, you've undoubtedly heard these calls. Whether they came from your parents or spouse or friend isn't what matters, simply the fact that you've heard them will do. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You see, I'm no scientist, but I can read. I can read nutrition facts with the best of them and while I usually tend to hide from them, as ignorance is bliss, it takes one glance at Anyday Rosé's stats to see that it's the Michael Jordan of rosé ciders. That's to say there's no one doing what it does, and it's a freak of nature.

Most rosé ciders you find are garbage sugar water. Fattening, carbonated beverages pretending to be a hip party drink. Anyday Rosé isn't everyone else. Anyday Rosé clocks in at 125 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and a very nice 6.9% alcohol content. Everything else on the market is a Gatorade with a light buzz.

Again, I'm no scientist but the fact of the matter is we could slap a "Diet" in front of our name and I wouldn't feel guilty about it for a second. So the next time someone tells you drinking is unhealthy, crack another Anyday Rosé and remind them that you're drinking the celery of beverages: you practically burn more calories while in the act of drinking it than you're putting into your body.