Price in this day and age is always going to be an issue. The goal of Anyday Rosé was to bring the consumer a premium product for a reasonable price. I searched the internet far and wide for competitors and shipping costs. This is where we stand.

  1. Let’s not even act like Angry Orchard is a competitor. Yes it's a Rosé Cider, but in the same sense that Natty Light and Sam Adams are both beers. We are a premium product, made in small batches with the best ingredients. We worked on this product and recipe for over a year before we launched.
  2. I think our biggest competitor is Wolffer Rose Cider. To order it online prices are all over the map. On their website, a 24 pack of cans shipped is $113.69 (even after a discount applied). That's 24, 10oz cans.

We are offering 24, 12oz. cans shipped for $90.51 (tax included). That's 48 extra ounces, or 4 12oz cans ($16 value) and a savings of $23.18. Their pricing doesn't compare.

3. Other Rose Ciders either don’t ship or are just flat out to expensive.

153 dollars for 12 pack. What world am I living in? We have lower margins so we could absorb shipping costs on behalf of the consumer, and our product is top notch. Give it a try today.

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