Why am I doing this - starting a direct to consumer alcohol business is a pretty crazy thing to do. Honestly, I have no fucking idea. It truly was a ton of random occurrences that got us to making Anyday Rosé.

I am always trying to do something, usually something new. It's my greatest gift and biggest curse. I can learn anything pretty quickly if I want to, but then I also get bored of everything pretty quickly. It’s awesome and it sucks at the same time. I went as far to try to make a 90’s style themed race with Dave Portnoy (founder of Barstool Sports) and the original creator of American Ninja Warrior that would cost us two million dollars when we didn’t have close to that kind of money at the time. I had renderings made with a term sheet drawn up and everything. See for yourself - it was going to be nuts.

So now you know - I will probably try to pursue grandiose business plans until the day I die.

Onto the rosé.

It started from three different places:

  1. My college friend Adam would always drink this beer called Hala Kahiki and I loved it. It got me hooked on fruit based alcohol drinks even back then.
  2. A girl I was dating took me to Wolffer Vineyards in the Hamptons one weekend years ago and their rosé cider was the best drink I had ever had. Was a rosé cider guy for life after that.
  3. When we moved the company I worked for to NYC from Boston, we used to throw these huge parties at our office. I saw that guys would start drinking the Wolffer before the beer - that's when I said fuck it, let’s try to make rosé cider into a national brand.

Fast forward through a ton of fuck ups and here we are. Got six of my friends + two California wine guys and have been working for a year to make the best rosé cider we could at an affordable price that can be used for any occasion. So here it is. Hope you all enjoy it.

- Louis

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